Optibike's R22 Everest e-bike is an $18K workhorse with 300 miles of range

The e-bike would supposedly be able to scale Mt Everest on a single charge if there was some sort of road or trail.

Optibike, an electric bike manufacturer based in Colorado, has been crafting performance bikes since 2007 and just put out its most capable model yet — the R22 Everest. The major selling point? A ridiculous 300-mile range due to a behemoth 3260Wh removable dual battery pack.

The frame and swingarm are made out of carbon fiber.Optibike

On top of its 36 lbs battery pack, which happens to be removable, the R22 Everest also offers:

- 36 mph of top speed (even going up mountain terrain)

- 190 Nm of torque

- 200mm of rear suspension

- An LCD display that measures speed, battery power, and more




The starting price for the R22 Everest


I know it’s a testimonial that Optibike uploaded, but there is genuine excitement in this man’s voice. Optibike
Here’s one last clip from the testimonial — the R22 Everest has a 14-speed geared hub, so there is some room for fine-tuning despite the throttle control.Optibike

Why Everest? Because theoretically the bike would be able to scale Mount Everest on a single charge, that is if there was an actual trail or road leading up to the top. To put its range in perspective, a 160 lbs rider would be able to travel at 15 mph while using assisted pedaling for the entire 300-mile capacity.


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