Microsoft just gave Windows a huge visual makeover

Windows 11 really looks like a new operating system.

Microsoft is ushering in the next generation of Windows.

William Nation/Sygma/Getty Images

Introducing: Windows 11

There’s a lot to unpack, feature-wise, in Windows 11, but one of the most immediately obvious changes is its overall look. For instance...

Spiffy new icons

For comparison: these relatively flat icons in Windows 10.

Reoriented start menu

Compared to the traditional left corner menu in Windows 10 and prior Windows versions.

Also, unlike Windows 10 there are no in-menu tiles to separate apps.

The former grid layout in Windows 10

The Microsoft store also got a pretty major redesign

Much, much cleaner compared to Windows 10.

The Windows Store in Windows 10 for reference.

Snap layouts

Speaking of cleaner design, Windows 11 now has a tool called Snap Layouts that lets you choose from several templates when using the Snap feature to reorient open windows.

And Microsoft Teams chat right in the taskbar

There are obviously a lot more changes in Windows 11 outside of a few design elements, but clearly Microsoft wanted Windows 11 to work different and feel different.

Best of luck retraining your decades-long adherence to a left corner Start menu.

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