Microlino unveils production version of its incredibly adorable EV

A big unveil for a teeny-tiny little bubble car.

Lovers of tiny electric cars are getting a big addition to the pack: the Microlino.

At the IAA Mobility conference in Germany, Micro Mobility Systems unveiled the final production version of its Microlino 2.0, an almost impossibly cute little electric bubble car.

As we’ve covered previously, the Microlino is a tiny two-seat, four-wheeled micro car meant for urban commuters. Outside of its size, the car is also notable for the lack of side doors — passengers enter and exit the vehicle through a front hatch.

There’s also surprisingly some trunk room — 230 liters worth — which is a welcome surprise given just how small this thing is.

Microlino announced that its EV will soon be available in three different configurations, Urban, Dolce, and Competizione, all of which correspond to different ranges — 60, 109, and 143 miles on a single charge respectively. The Base price?..


Tiny car, big price tag.

56 mph

But enough juice to drive in just about any city.

There’s no solid answer on when the Microlino will be available, but the EV is reportedly going into production this year and will begin with a capacity of 7,500 cars according to Electrek. Given that this thing has been kicking around since 2016, the fact that you might actually get to drive one at all is a small feat unto itself.

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