Here’s what your favorite cyberpunk gear looks like IRL

Ikeuchi Hiroto wants to bring your Neon Genesis Evangelion fantasies to life.

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Ikeuchi Hiroto

Japanese artist, Ikeuchi Hiroto, is known for extremely detailed gadgets and clothing that look lifted from the future. His work treads the line between function and form, landing on something in between nightmarish and otherworldly.

The future of gaming. Ikeuchi Hiroto
This look will be present at the 2025 Met Gala.Ikeuchi Hiroto

From an October interview with CYBR magazine, Hiroto offered commentary on what drives his work — namely the issue of mass surveillance and privacy in the current era.

“I also find VR gives us the ability to protect ourselves from new threats such as face recognition by hiding our eyes.”

Ikeuchi Hiroto in CYBR magazine.

Ikeuchi Hiroto
Promotional material and merchandise designed by Hiroto for Asap Rocky’s 2018 project Testing.Ikeuchi Hiroto

“My work explores the border between everyday life and creative pursuits.”

Ikeuchi Hiroto

Over-the-ear bluetooth headsets are backIkeuchi Hiroto
Ikeuchi Hiroto

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