Logitech’s new mechanical keyboard puts emoji at your fingertips

Do we need another keyboard? No, but we're completely obsessed with Logitech's latest.

Logitech Pop Keys keyboard in coral pink

Logitech has been in the peripherals game for a hot minute, and while it has diversified in recent years to offer more gaming-focused keyboards and mice, it’s now jumping into lifestyle products that blend dreamy, saccharine aesthetics with practical tech for productivity. The just-announced Pop Keys keyboard is at the tip of that spear.



How much the Pop Keys keyboard costs.


Emoji at your fingertips

The Pop Keys keyboard has one feature that you won’t find on other keyboards: it has dedicated emoji keys. There are a total of eight emoji keys, though the keyboard can only hold four at one time. You can swap out keys to your liking and assign them to any emoji using the Logitech Software, or you can open up the emoji menu by hitting the bottom-most emoji key.



Though this keyboard looks a lot like Logitech’s portable and affordable K380, the Pop Keys is a full-on mechanical keyboard. Unfortunately, you only have the option for brown, tactile switches, which are Cherry MX clones made by TTC, according to The Verge. An option for linear or clicky switches would have been nice, but tactile switches are a good in-between that are the right fit for productivity.


Other specs:

  • Connection: Bluetooth or USB dongle
  • Wireless range: 33 feet
  • Support for 3 connected devices
  • Battery life: 36 months (2x AAA batteries)
  • Emoji supported on Windows and macOS only
  • Media keys
  • Weight: 27.48 ounces (1.71 pounds)

The keyboard alone can liven up your setup, but Logitech is taking it one step forward by also launching matching mice and desk mats. The Pop Mouse has its own emoji shortcut button, and it comes in three colors that match the Pop Keys keyboard. The Logitech Desk Mat Studio Series also comes in matching colors; it’s spacious enough (11.8 inches by 27.5 inches) for the mouse and keyboard.



Price of the Pop Mouse


All three products are available for purchase from the Logitech store starting today.


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