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Little White Dragon is a robot unicorn that kids ride like a horse

Xpeng Motors, a Chinese automotive manufacturer, wants to introduce a robotic smart vehicle for children. What could go wrong?

The world of robotics is one that many people view with some skepticism, especially when it involves any degree of autonomy or interaction with human beings.

Little White Dragon, a mobility device for children, will certainly do nothing to alleviate that skepticism. While the robot hasn’t been released or even been put into production, XPeng Motors, a Chinese automotive manufacturer aims to realize this goal.

This is an objectively hilarious imageXPENG Robotics

Virtually nothing is known about the child companion

Specifications are a mystery, we’ve not seen a live prototype, and the only tether to reality is a low-quality image of the robot standing across a child, which could in itself be just a work of Photoshop.

XPENG Robotics

You walk in on your little cousin doing this in the metaverse... wyd?

Xpeng Robotics

Little White Dragon was designed by Xpeng Robotics, a division within XPeng Motors. The robotics ecosystem used by the contraption will be based on the company’s smart EV business.

Would you let your child ride Little White Dragon into another world?

Xpeng Robotics

Ultimately the idea underpinning Little White Dragon is that kids can use it as a vehicle of sorts by riding it like a horse. Not sure why it isn’t called Little White Stallion.

XPENG Robotics

To cap things off here’s a list of the supposed capabilities of Little White Dragon: Power modules, motion control, object recognition, pony gait, target tracking, multi-terrain crossing, intelligent navigation, and intelligent emotional interaction. If this ever does become commercially available we’ll be far away from it.

XPENG Robotics

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