Leica’s collab with Bape brings us a camo-clad camera

The latest Leica collab for its D-Lux 7 draws inspiration from streetwear and graffiti.

Leica collab with Bape and Stash

Leica’s latest collab is an ambitious crossover between street photography, streetwear and street art. Working with Bape and American graffiti artist, Stash, Leica is dropping two versions of its limited-edition D-Lux 7.


If Bape is part of the collab, you know there’s going to be some camo involved. This time, the signature camo is wrapped around the body of the Leica and actually suits the compact camera quite well.


Black edition

Leica threw a Bape logo on the top plate, Stash’s tag near the shutter button, and Bape’s text logo onto the auto lens cap for its black-finish edition. This one will be sold through Leica exclusively.


Silver finish

The silver edition is being sold through Bape, featuring more of Stash’s tags throughout the camera and lens cap. But both versions highlight that iconic camo that Bape has become synonymous with.


The camera specs remain the same:

- Micro Four Thirds sensor with an effective resolution of 17 megapixels

- Ability to record up to 4K30fps and full-HD 60fps video

- A fast 24-75mm zoom lens

- An aperture range of f/1.7 to f/2.8


How much the limited edition Leica D-Lux 7 Bape x Stash collab costs.


The limited edition collab will include some extra goodies, including a carrying strap, a camera pouch with the Bape logo, and the automatic lens cap that opens and closes as the lens moves.

You’ll be able to snag this camera at Leica’s website or select Leica or Bape stores.


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