Hyundai's new EV concept looks like a sci-fi living room on wheels

This is an electric vehicle concept we could get comfortable with.

The LA Auto Show has already given us a lot to chew on, and while bonkers concepts like this one from Hyundai might not be the closest to reality, they’re certainly among the most fun.

The Seven, as Hyundai is calling it, is a conceptual “SUEV” and blends a sci-fi exterior with an interior layout and aesthetic that can only be described as living room-esque.

Hyundai said the Seven’s fold-out “couch doors,” which lack the usual pillar in between them are meant to give the SUV a “lounge-like” feel. A flat floor also gives drivers the option to shake up the typical row-based seating arrangement into something homier.

To truly enjoy the conversational atmosphere, Hyundai also envisions the Seven having autonomous capabilities so drivers can sit back and luxuriate in the swiveling lounge chairs and curved bench seats.

There’s also a built-in mini fridge.

For, um... Not drinking and driving?

Outside of the cutting-edge interior, the Seven, which would be built on Hyundai’s E-GMP platform, is targeting a 300-mile range, which is in keeping with the standard promises of other modern EVs... and arguably ambitious for its size.

The Seven is still firmly a concept, but as far as moonshots go, this is one we think most people could get excited about — especially if they’ve got any family road trips in their future.

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