Jackrabbit's tiny, adorable electric bike will ship very soon

You'll never have to worry about fitting an e-bike in your cramped, city apartment ever again.

Jackrabbit's mini electric bicycle.

If you’re lacking storage space, owning an electric bike might seem like more hassle than it’s worth. But what about, say, owning half of an e-bike?


Jackrabbit’s micro bike (or scooter?) lets you do basically that. While Jackrabbit has a top speed of 20 mph, ti weighs just 24 lbs. and can be compacted even further by folding the handlebars down and taking out the seat post.

While the Jackrabbit may look like a bike, it technically qualifies as a scooter, since the pedals aren’t really pedals at all — the bike actually accelerates via a thumb throttle.

As to be expected, the bike’s size and weight do come at a cost, and that cost is range. The Jackrabbit only has 12 miles of range, which isn’t terrible but still well below the range of other full-sized counterparts.


The Jackrabbit is pretty affordable in the spectrum

If you’re ready to make the move to a micro bike, you can buy the Jackrabbit right now, with an expected ship date of January 2022. Not in time for the holidays, but if little e-bikes are your thing the Jackrabbit looks well worth the wait.

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