These grotesque game controllers might actually ruin your day

Ilya Lyakh, a Russian graphic designer and illustrator, created the Monster Play series after seeing a Playstation controller that reminded him of Frankenstein.

One part of Ilya Lyakh's Monster Play 19 series
Ilya Lyakh

What if our controllers came alive? What if your Xbox controller ate your finger? What if your Nintendo Switch ate your sister’s finger? These are the types of questions that are evoked by Russian digital artist Ilya Lyakh in his Monster Play 19 series.

Ilya Lyakh

Lyakh was inspired by an unusual-looking Dual Shock 2 that resembled Frankenstein

Monster Play 19 is his own twist on that chance encounter with a Playstation controller.

Ilya Lyakh

The illustrator and graphic designer has cited graffiti art, Japanese pop-culture, and his own experience in the toy industry as influences on his work.

Ilya Lyakh
Instead of the red rings of death, a tongue-wielding Xbox 360 controller would have been preferable Ilya Lyakh

Other projects from the Moscow-based digital artist include: Beer bottle art, a highway safety project, and skating merchandise. One thing is for certain: The man has range.

Ilya Lyakh
Spongebob in a promotion for the Insurance institute of highway safety Ilya Lyakh
Sonic also approves of a safer driving environment Ilya Lyakh
This bottle art reminds me of the 2018 Netflix comedy Disenchantment, something I have not watched.Ilya Lyakh

Even if this doesn’t change the way you look at your controller, Lyakh’s work is pleasing to the eye. I elect to replace all the horrible murals in major metropolitan cities with his safety Spongebob design.

Ilya Lyakh

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