Ikea's turning kids' doodles into plush toys

Introducing Eggplant Car, Ladybug mouse, Llama, Candy, Brown Bear, and Globe Man.

Every year, Ikea puts out a call for children to design plush toys. The Swedish furniture and decor company receives tens of thousands of submissions, puts them to a vote, and brings the winning entries to life.


The number of entries received for the 2019 edition of the "Ikea Family Soft Toy Drawing Competition."

Six winners...

...have been turned into "Sagoskatt" plush toys and are now on sale at Ikea outlets for $4.99 each.

"It’s the beautiful planet we live on and I dream that one day I can rollerblade to every corner of the Earth. There is only one planet, so we must take good care of it."

Yo-Pong, aged 12, explains his winning entry called "Globe Man."


"I’ve drawn a llama, an animal that I like. I told my soft toy to always be with you and keep you company. Give the llama a lot of love, because it’s special."

Drawn by Christel, aged 6

"Eggplant Car"

“My Halloween-themed terrifying car likes to lie under my bed and scare intruders away. You can have fun too when you see how my car frightens the enemies.”

Ayaan, 8 years old.

"My soft toy looks like a mouse dressed as a ladybug. She’s changing costumes for a carnival party. Play with her and treat her well."

Maria, aged 9


"I love candy and my soft toy also eats loads of candy. She’s lucky since she can travel and make other children happy. Please hug her a lot.”

Clémence, aged 8

And last, but by no means least...

Brown Bear!

"My soft toy is a bear and during the day it rides on a dog. Good bear, soon you’ll be loved! Treat him well and sometimes watch movies together!"

Sofia, aged 6.

How to enter...

Submit your child’s drawing online over here before November 20. Thereafter, keep an eye on Ikea's Instagram Stories after December 1 to vote for the finalists. Entries will be shortlisted to 15, with the winners appearing in all their plushie glory in stores globally in fall 2021.

Danny Lawson - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

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