Ikea's hotspot transforms your table into a wireless charger

The Sjömärke clings to the bottom of your table for "invisible" wireless charging.

For most people, the best-looking phone charger is one that you don’t really see at all. Luckily for those people who want their chargers to fly under the radar, Ikea agrees and is making a hotspot that you can slap underneath a table for a near “invisible” footprint...


Meet the Sjömärke

This wireless Qi charger, which will go on sale next month, can charge a phone through a plastic or wood table. To mount the Sjömärke, all you have to do is use a provided double-sided adhesive or your own screws that can be drilled into the charger’s mounts.

As you might imagine, there are some restrictions with exactly how and when you can use the Sjömärke. Ikea recommends equipping the charger to a table between three-eighths of an inch to seven-eights of an inch thickness for optimal charging.

You also won’t be able to place a device directly on the hotspot like a normal wireless charger, though if you’re going to the trouble of buying an under-the-table charger, that likely won’t be a huge downfall. Metal surfaces, for the record, are a no-go for the Sjömärke.

Caveats aside, Sjömärke seems like a pretty useful addition to Ikea’s repertoire of home electronics and a boon for folks who just can’t handle desk clutter.


The Sjömärke will be available from October.

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