Hyundai goes sleek and sustainable for its Ioniq 6 electric vehicle

The second vehicle in the automaker's Ioniq looks just as futuristic as its predecessor.


Hyundai has introduced its Ioniq 6, the second entry into its EV brand, which officially launched in 2020. The new sedan is being described as an electrified streamliner that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Hyundai’s video overview for the IONIQ 6 proceeds with Miami Vice-lighting Hyundai

One aspect of the EV that sticks out is its smooth, curved body, constructed from sustainable materials. Aside from a pleasing aesthetic, the aim for the silhouette was to emphasize aerodynamic potential.

Hyundai designers describe the Ioniq 6’s design as “Emotional Efficiency.”Hyundai
An “elliptical wing-inspired” spoiler adds to vehicle’s focus on aerodynamics, while the headlamps contain over 700 parametric pixels.Hyundai

While specs haven’t been officially unveiled yet, we do know the vehicle boasts a drag coefficient of 0.21, an ultra-low figured that allows for a gliding sensation while driving. Users will also be able to customize their interior lighting with 64 different options.

Hitting the brakes will “deliver an eye-catching execution” as the Ioniq 6 makes use of a parametric pixel high-mounted stop lamp for its rear lights.Hyundai

The Ioniq 6 has no release date or price tag yet, but it does offer a glimpse of Hyundai’s vision for the future: A personalized, chamber of relaxation for the driver as much as it is a form of transportation.


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