Here's the first look at BMW's next-gen i4 electric sedan

BMW is showing off some initial specs and images of the forthcoming vehicle, complete with the controversial new grille.

BMW is slowly but surely taking the wraps off a new generation of electric vehicles, including a recently showcased sedan called the i4, unveiled this week at the automaker’s annual conference.


The BMW i4
The BMW i4
The BMW i4

Despite giving a pretty solid look at the vehicle, BMW’s unveiling was a little sparse on detail when it comes to specs, though the company is promising more information “over the next weeks.” For now, the big specs we do know are...

300 miles

BMW says the i4 will have different ranges depending on the variant, with the longest being 300 miles to a charge.

530 HP

The i4 will have 530 HP with power output of up to 390 kW.


The i4 sedan can go from 0 to 60 mph in about four seconds.

The i4, like BMW’s upcoming electric iX SUV, will come equipped with the company’s next-gen iDrive 8 infotainment system, which the automaker also showcased this week.

Highlights of the iDrive system include not one, but two separate displays that span nearly two-feet. One section is an information display while the other is for vehicle control, though they’re meant to look like one seamless, floating screen.

Oh, and it’s curved.


BMW says its iDrive system is able to process up to 30 times more data than previous systems.


That’s pretty much the extent of what BMW revealed spec-wise about the i4, though, with an imminent release date, we can expect to hear more about the sedan (and its SUV counterpart, the iX) soon. Maybe we’ll even get to see what the interior looks like.


The i4 is set to be released at some point later this year.

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