Here's every Apple MagSafe accessory

It's crazy what a few magnetic accessories can do.

Apple had a lot to announce at its annual fall event. In addition to unveiling four new iPhones, a new smart speaker, and ushering in 5G, it also introduced a new line of "MagSafe" accessories that use magnets to snap on to all four of its new iPhone 12s and open up the accessory possibilities.

Here are all the MagSafe accessories announced so far...

MagSafe charger $39

Sometimes wireless charging doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Variables like what type of case you have on your phone and how your device is situated on the charger can affect optimal charging. To help mitigate some of those pesky details, Apple is now offering a MagSafe charger, which clasps right onto the back of the iPhone 12 and ensures a proper connection.

Cases from $49

Apple will also offer two different varieties of MagSafe cases made from either solid silicone or clear plastic. The cases afford you the benefits of MagSafe without having to detach the case. For instance, you can snap on the MagSafe charger or attach a different MagSafe accessory to the outside.

MagSafe Wallet $59

Speaking of other MagSafe accessories, Apple is offering a leather wallet that snaps onto the back of your MagSafe case. The wallet has to be removed before your phone can charge, however, and unfortunately doesn't help you hold onto money as well as it clings to your device.

MagSafe Duo

One somewhat mysterious MagSafe accessory is the MagSafe Duo, a magnetic charging pad that can charge an Apple Watch and an iPhone simultaneously. The Duo evokes prior attempts by Apple at a charging pad called AirPower, which was scrapped after repeatedly overheating. It's unclear when the MagSafe Duo will be released and there's no current indication on what the price will be.

Belkin Car Mount

There are already some third-party accessories supporting MagSafe, including this car mount from Belkin (one of two Belkin MagSafe accessories). The mount, called the Car Vent Pro, is a magnetic holder that attaches to a car's air vents. It'll be released this winter for $39.95.

Belkin MagSafe Dock

Belkin will also release this 3-in-1 MagSafe dock which is capable of charging an iPhone 12, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously. The Boost Charge Pro MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is 15W and will retail at $149.99 this winter. It comes with a chrome stand in either black or white.

OtterBox MagSafe

Currently, OtterBox is the exclusive third-party case manufacturer for Apple's MagSafe series. Recently it unveiled the Symmetry Series Plus case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max which uses a "silver additive" for antimicrobial benefits and OtterBox's typical toughness guarantee.


Popsocket is also working on its own MagSafe accessories, according to TechCrunch. For those who use Popsockets, the ability to slap the accessory on and off without having to worry about adhesives will likely come as a welcome change. It's not clear when the accessories will be released or how much they'll cost.


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