Zero Labs shows off new platform for converting classic cars to EVs

Zero Labs is back with a new platform and promise of a new classic conversion model in 2022.

Zero Labs is plowing ahead with its vision of converting classic gas-guzzlers into electric vehicles with a new platform and a mysterious new upcoming production model.

A Ford Bronco converted into a fully electric vehicle using Zero Labs' generation 3 platform.Zero Labs
Zero Labs

The company’s generation 3 platform will have have several updates compared to the previous generation, including one-pedal steering, independent front and rear suspension, adjustable ride height, and pinion steering, which makes smoother and more intuitive.

The platform will be used on all three of Zero Labs’ current conversion models, including the Land Rover Series III, Defender 110, and of course, its spiffy Ford Bronco.

As for the new production model, Zero Labs has been mostly mum other than the fact they plan to unveil the addition in early 2022.

As noted by Electrek, Zero Labs CEO Adam Roe has previously outlined a vision in which the company segues to pickup, so its possible a converted truck is next up on Zero Labs’ list.

If you’re one of the few people who can actually afford the $350,000 average price tag to buy one of Zero Labs’ conversions, there’s some bad news, however — most of the company’s orders for 2022 and 2023 are already filled, so until Zero Labs expands its manufacturing capabilities, your classic cars will have to remain true to their petrol pumping origins.

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