Here's a first look at Nissan's next-gen electric vehicle lineup

It's better late than never for Nissan's electrified future.

Nissan is finally making a full sail push into electric vehicles — well, sort of... eventually.

This week Nissan showed off renderings of several electric vehicles which will become the pillars of its next-gen lineup. Entrants cover a wide range of vehicle types, including:

The Surf-Out

This curvy pickup (which is giving us serious Canoo vibes) is on the smaller side and has enormous display screen that spans the entire width of the interior dash. Nissan also envisions the Surf-Out with reverse charging capabilities and all-wheel drive.

The Max-Out

Nissan’s electric sports car concept, aptly dubbed the Max-Out, is a two-seater with configurable seats that can collapse into the floor for extra space.

The Hang-Out

A crossover called the Hang-Out gets its name from maximizing interior space with reconfigurable seats. The interior can be situated to suit various scenarios, including a movie night with the crossover’s built-in projector.

The Chill-Out

Nissan’s all-wheel drive SUV concept is decidedly less future-forward and is built on the company’s CMF-EV platform and the only one with an actual prototype. This is likely the model we’d see first out of all the lofty concepts.

While Nissan clearly has some lofty ambitions for its future, it may have a lot of catching up to do by the time they actually hit the market. The company says it’’s aiming for 40 percent of its sales to come from EVs by 2030.

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