Heineken made a robot that wheels your beer around for you

Man cave culture meets roomba enthusiasm.

Heineken has decided to create a machine that solves a problem facing a small number of people: The minimal distance one needs to travel in order to grab another beer.


The Heineken Beer B.O.T or Beer Outdoor Transporter follows you around with a 12-pack in tow. Think of it like R2-D2 or another fictional robot companion, but instead of trying to help you save the galaxy, its sole purpose is to keep you inebriated.


It seems that Heineken’s R&D department produces a new development once a decade — the B.O.T is their second innovation since the mini keg.


The beer B.O.T will also maneuver its way into photos you take with loved ones and friends.Heineken

Man caves everywhere will no doubt be stoked about this new gadget. Maybe someone will say the beer B.O.T is indicative of the state of our strange economy and its fixation with creating products that solve problems that we didn’t know were actual problems for a modicum of convenience. Hard to contend that this wouldn’t be nice to have around at a pool though.

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