These heat-reactive stamps have a hidden warning about climate change

These postage stamps reveal hidden messages about the dangers of climate change over the coming decades.

Berry Creative, a Helsinki-based team of designers, has created a series of postage stamps to draw one of the biggest issues facing the world...

Climate change.

Monica Bertolazzi/Moment/Getty Images

This set of three stamps, produced in September 2018 for Finland's postal service "Posti," change when heat is applied to reveal the adverse effects of climate change.

This blue one shows a sudden surge in lightning and rain for the snow-swept country.

This green one shows an increase in migration. The New York Times Magazine notes that while one percent of the world is an unlivable hot zone today, that could soar to 19 percent by 2070.

This red one shows the death of a bird.

Timo Berry, CEO at Berry Creative, has spoken about why the project is a call to action.

"The Climate Change stamps show in a tangible way what the reality is now and what it could become if the climate crisis escalates."

Timo Berry, CEO

In June 2019, the project won a silver medal at the European Design Awards.

It's not the only stamp to draw attention to ecological change. Pablo Doringo's "From Venice With Algae" in March 2020 used polluting algae from the city's rivers to make stamps.

Pablo Doringo

Efforts like these are drawing attention to the state of the planet, right down to the smallest stamp.


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