Google's new eco-conscious Bay View campus looks like an actual football stadium

It's the first campus developed by Google itself and is completely electric.


Google’s Bay View campus has officially opened, bringing its vision of a self-developed mega-office to life.

Google’s Bay View campus incorporates biophilic design principles, meaning that employees have access to greenery, natural daylight, and outdoor views from every desk.Google

Sustainability is another core tenet of Bay View’s design principles:

The campus is all-electric (including the two kitchens powering its seven cafes), and net water positive (water retention ponds collect water for reuse) with the largest geothermal installation in the country.

An integrated geoexchange field within the campus’ structural system reduces the amount of water typically used for cooling by 90 percent.


The amount of time that Bay View is powered by carbon-free energy



In order to generate carbon-free energy, the Bay View campus has implemented dragonscale solar skin (a surface constructed of solar panels) in conjunction with a nearby wind farm.

The office is divided into two floors — the upper level is intended for employees to focus and is split into smaller neighborhoods, separated by courtyards and connected by moving ramps. Meanwhile, the lower level is a gathering area to encourage collaboration. The entire ventilation system makes use of 100 percent outside air.


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