Frey's new fat tire e-bike is ready for the mountain and the road

The original CC model released in 2019 and has received an all-terrain makeover by the Chinese manufacturer.

A product shot for the Liberty ULTRA - CC FAT
Frey Bike

Frey Bike has been producing high-performance e-bikes since 2013 and at prices that sit well under other European and American alternatives. The Chinese manufacturer has now unveiled a CC fat-tire bike; an all-terrain version of its original CC model, which was released in 2019 and aimed at commuters.

Frey Bike
Frey’s CC fat-tire bike offers a 140mm air suspension fork to brave mountains, beaches, or just a poorly-paved road.Frey Bikes

Here’s the basic spec sheet:

- BaFang M620 1000W system motor

- Downtube-integrated 48V/21Ah/1,008Wh battery (good for 100 miles on a charge, or up to 30 miles on maximum power setting)

-Maxxis 26 x 4-inch fat tires

- 80 lbs

Frey Bike


The cost of the CC fat-tire e-bike

Frey Bike

Frey Bike
Frey has made its bones by using high-end parts for its bikes, while keeping costs relatively low.Frey Bike

Orders will begin shipping out to customers in mid-July. If you want to snag one, you can buy the bike from Frey here.

Frey Bike

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