Flora and fauna intertwine in these mesmerizing illustrations

These eye-popping illustrations made for an Adobe conference for creatives are creepy and beautiful.

Birds of a different feather

You may be familiar with Charles Darwin's illustrations of birds in the Galápagos. You may even enjoy them (most people do). And if you fall into the camp we've got good news and bad news.

The good news is New York City-based designer Mark Brooks and the studio Alademosca have created a slew of beautiful images in the same vein. The bad news is the animals at the center of said illustrations made just haunt your nightmares.

Made to inspire

The illustrations were made for Adobe's 99u conference, which the software giant describes as "an annual event that inspires creatives to supercharge their work, build incredible careers, and make their ideas happen."

While they mimic other natural illustrations rendered by explorers and scientists of the past (Brooks' versions are also hand-drawn) they bring a whole new scope to the natural world as we know it by blending together things like seashells and plants to create, well, whatever this is...

Here's an action shot of the scorpion-fish-hybrid being drawn. The imaginative illustrations are supposed to highlight the "idiosyncrasies" of creatives.

"To commemorate this year’s theme, The Creative Self, Adobe 99U collaborated with illustrator Alademosca to create a series of 11 x 17-inch prints of the "Creative Specimens," hybrid creatures representing the varied and joyful idiosyncrasies of creative professionals’ personalities."

For sale

If this mashup of the natural world speaks to you, we've got good news. You can buy the prints from Paper Chase Press in Los Angeles. This Seahorse/butterfly will definitely complement your taxidermy porcupotamus.

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