This Instagram account remixes 'The Simpsons' as fine art masterpieces

The "fine_art_simpsons" Instagram account is taking art to strange new places.

Meet "fine_art_simpsons."

The Instagram account, with posts dating back to January 2020, is run by what one post describes as "a matchbook art school dropout, and a ham-fisted, nearsighted house painter."

It features...

clever works like this Claude Monet painting, paired with Homer keeping an eye out for sugar thieves.



This modernized version of David Hockney's "A Bigger Splash," with Bart looking out to the summer excitement.


The account takes one of the most iconic shows in television history and elevates it to all-new highs.


If you're really feeling the mashups, the account's Redbubble store currently sells five designs, shipping from Kitchener in Canada.

One such print is a reimagining of Wassily Kandinsky's Houses in Murnau.


"Fine_art_simpsons" is one of many projects from Simpsons fans who have remixed the classic show as part of imaginative new projects. One famous example is "Simpsonswave," a mashup of the cartoon and vaporwave, which Pitchfork covered in 2016.


Groups like Reddit's "Simpsons Shitposting" also mix classic scenes with modern memes.


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