Eviation's electric plane concept makes flying look luxurious again

No fossil fuels and no middle seats make Eviation’s Alice planes look pretty appealing.

A cabin rendering of Eviation's electric Alice plane.

Flying isn’t just a bad experience, it’s also really bad for the environment. Eviation, a startup working to make the world’s first commercially available electric plane, is trying to fix both of those things.

In renders released this month, Eviation showed off the interior of several of its Alice planes, which although familiarly commercial looking, feel at least 400x nicer than the typical airline experiences most people can afford nowadays.


The most luxurious of the concepts by far, is the Executive plane, which is a six-seat business craft designed (presumably) to transport someone extremely rich.

Look, a closet for all my silk suits!


On the pedestrian end is this commuter plane, which excites me for one simple reason: individual seats. Rows are also staggered to avoid having to mingle with dreaded strangers.

A cargo plane also looks perfectly suitable for cardboard boxes of stuff.

On one hand, Eviation’s planes are exciting — they’re electric, cushy, and the company even unveiled a production version this year, meaning they might actually exist one day. On the other hand, they’ve still got a long ways to go.

Currently, Eviation says its planes are only capable of traveling 440 nautical miles before having to recharge. Not exactly a distance most people would find suitable for everyday air travel.

Limited distance aside, the Eviation Alice definitely looks and feels like a step in the right direction for future air travel even if you’ll still get nickeled and dimed for luggage in the end.

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