Made for two

Civilized Cycles wants you to get its e-bike instead of a second car

With space for a passenger or shopping and dynamic suspension, it's not a ludicrous suggestion.

Electric bicycles generally don’t offer as smooth a ride as cars do, nor do they enable you to carry cargo or passengers. Civilized Cycles set out to change that with its Model 1 bike.

Pack and go

The integrated panniers are waterproof and lockable, and each has a capacity of 20 liters when closed, or 80 liters when expanded, and a load capacity of 25 lbs.

Comfort first

The wheels, brakes, and front fork are all specced from downhill racing and dirt-jumping bikes, while the rear air suspension comes from cross-country racing bikes. A press of a button adjusts the suspension to the weight of the load, ensuring a smooth ride every time.

Designed for practicality

From the integrated headlamp, tail light, brake light, and turn signals to the full-sized footrests, adjustable saddle, and option to use the removable batteries as power banks, every part of the Model 1 has been carefully considered and refined through multiple prototypes.

Grab a full load of shopping, or if you have a passenger, expand only one pannier and your companion can still ride side-saddle.

400 lbs

The Model 1's total load capacity.

Other vital stats:

BATTERY — 10.5Ah / 45V with 45W USB-C charging ports

MOTOR — 750W mid-drive

TRANSMISSION — Sturmey Archer 5-speed internal hub

RANGE — 30 mile (single battery), 60 mile (double battery)

TOP SPEED — 28 mph

The Model 1 will arrive in Q4 of 2021.

We are excited to begin sales of the Model 1 and are eager to show that for local transportation, our greener future isn’t a sacrifice, it's an upgrade.”

Zachary Schieffelin, Civilized Cycles founder


The retail price of the Model 1 (or pre-order one and get it for $4,499).

Civilized Cycles

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