Apple is building a 'floating' store shaped like a lantern in Singapore

The store Marina Bay store will break the mold in several unique ways according to the company.


Apple is building a flashy new "floating" store in Singapore, which in addition to catching eyes, will usher in several firsts for the company's aesthetically iconic shops.


In addition to being the first Apple store ever built on water, it will also be the first with a spherical design. Current renders depict a globe-like structure made out of glass.

The spherical shape is meant to mimic lanterns like the ones used in one of Singapore's most famous annual festivals. Apple says that the store "glows with a gentle warmth, evoking the design of traditional lanterns carried during Singapore’s Mid-Autumn Festival."

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Apple's store will replace a glass structure known as "Crystal Pavilions" which according to the designers, Safdie Architects, was "conceived as a pair of transparent islands floating on the water."

Blueprints of the structure that will house Apple's future store.

The store will be one of three Apple locations in Singapore, including one at the Knightsbridge Mall and the iconic Changi Airport.

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Though it's unclear exactly when the store will be built, according to Apple, it's "coming soon."

“We will soon open the doors to our new store by the Bay. Apple Marina Bay Sands will be at the heart of creativity, a place we’ve made for you to capture your ideas and passions. It will be a space for you to explore, connect and create something new. We can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you.”


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