Campworks's electric camper is an off-grid powerhouse

The fully electric NS-1 camper is solar-powered and offers a reliable off-grid energy system.


Campworks, is offering electric solutions to outdoors addicts, and its latest effort, the NS-1 camper, is built to both sustain extended camping adventures through off-grid capabilities while still being able to brave rugged conditions with a steel frame.

The NS-1 functions like a durable home away from home.Campworks

Aside from its livable design, the NS-1 offers a fully mobile, electric grid for users to effectively live out of the caravan, here are some important features:

- 5,000W mobile off-road micro-grid at 240 volts

- 5,500Wh liFeP04 battery with space for twin batteries, and a capacity of up to 11,000Wh

- 1,840Wh of solar energy



The total price for an NS-1.


The interior is equipped with a queen sized bed with 8 cubic feet of under bed storage, 5 cubic feet of cabinet storage, and 2” of thermal insulation across all sides of the body.Campworks

The NS-1 is can also charge your electric vehicle, and offers a rear kitchen unit that provides 9 feet of pull-out countertop space, a dual burner system, storage drawers, and LED attachments for late night cooking.


Here are the unit’s dimensions:

Length — 152 inches

Height — 84 inches (without a rooftop tent)

Width — 89 inches

The kitchen is powered with electrical induction and there is an adaptable climate control within the camper that includes an A/C unit, a 1500W electric heater, and a control panel to fine-tune everything.Campworks

Pre-orders are available for the NS-1 and require a fully refundable $1,000 deposit. The camper is expected to arrive in Spring 2023. To get a more exhaustive picture of the supercharged attachment’s features you can check them out here.


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