BMW's sleek new e-motorbike concept is tailor-made for beginners

The CE 02 concept is a beginner electric motorbike/scooter hybrid marketed towards teens.

BMW is looking to the future when it comes to urban mobility, not just with its products, but with its customer base too.

Introducing the BMW CE 02

An EV marketed at teens.

The concept, unveiled by BMW this week, is an electric motorcycle specifically marketed toward what the automaker describes as “young male and female riders,” AKA relative newcomers to both EVs and motorized two-wheeled transportation.

The motorbike also rides quite low to the ground which, coupled with its chonky disc wheels, is meant to make the CE 02 more agile while inspiring confidence among less seasoned riders.

“Characteristic proportions not only allow for a very agile riding experience, they are also intended to encourage non-motorcyclists to perhaps get on and have a go.”


Despite its focus on younger, presumably first-time, riders the BMW CE 02 is aiming to have some big boy specs, including a range of 56 miles and a top speed of...

56 mph

Not bad for a "kid's" motorbike.

Though the CE 02 is still just a concept, BMW has shown that it’s willing to actually see its urban mobility promises to fruition. The CE 04, for example, climbed from concept to consumer product this year and will apparently start in 2022.

There’s no real word yet on when or if the CE 02 will actually get made or how much it will cost, but BMW does look pretty committed to selling EVs to urban commuters which in this case gives young motorbike hopefuls a lot to look forward to.

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