Blix’s new workhorse e-bike has an 80-mile range

The Dubbel is capable of shouldering 200 lbs worth of cargo.


Blix, an electric-bicycle manufacturer founded in 2014 and based out of Santa Cruz, California, is introducing a new model to its existing line-up of electric bikes called the Dubbel, which is equipped with an 80-mile range to go along with a 750W motor.

The modular design of the Dubbel allows for a wide range of uses, whether that’s carrying a passenger or a load of goods.Blix


The cost of a base model Dubbel.




- A dual-battery system with 1,228Wh of output power

- Bluetooth connectivity (a display with firmware updates and the ability to connect to the Blix app)

- Heavy-duty tires made with kevlar

- 750W motor capable of 90Nm of torque

- Seven-hour charge time (for full battery)

- LED brake lights and hydraulic disc brakes

Customize the cargo options on the Dubbel to match your needs. Mounting points on the front and rear allow for the integration of a range of accessories. Blix

Right now, the Dubbel will be available in three different colorways (bright white, slate grey, and matte nu cream) and it seems tailored for the city commuter that wants to the flexibility of a vehicle, without the hassle of owning a car.

It helps that the e-bike is compatible with riders that stand anywhere from 5’0” to 6’2.” Pre-orders are available now, with the model shipping out starting in October.


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