An artist designed the dystopic megacities of our climate-ravaged future

Scary, but what did you say the rent was?

Graphic artist InwardSound creates detailed rendering of a city.

It's safe to say our natural environments are rapidly changing.

Climate change is reshaping landscapes across the world in ways we've only begun to fathom and urban centers have experienced steady population growth.

While the science of climate change is clear, the impacts on human life are not

That's where graphic artists like InwardSound come into play. Breathtakingly detailed renderings envision a future where human engineering, climate change, and vast urbanization all converge.

Cities depicted in InwardSound's renderings often show green spaces slapped on top of urban sprawl, suggesting that the human population is increasingly at odds with nature.

Other images pull straight from science fiction to dream up cityscapes that boggle the mind. This one gives us distinct FFVII vibes.

FFVII's floating city, Midgar.

We're not totally sure what's going on here, but we don't want any part.

Washed out swaths of urban sprawl are forgotten inside cavernous, machine-like cylinders.

Um, not sure how you're getting down from this one pal.

Not everything goes according to plan as evidenced by this burning biosphere which evokes NASA's iconic space colonies from the 70's.

Things are a bit more serene in NASA's version.

Goodbye riverboat gambling, hello hovercraft hedonism.

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