Arcimoto’s remote-controlled delivery vehicle is disconcertingly fast

The Faction D1 is a three-wheeled, remote-operated EV that can weave through traffic to deliver your goods.

Acrimoto / Faction

The latest entry to autonomous vehicles is the Faction D1, a three-wheeled electric delivery vehicle made as a collaboration between Faction, a Silicon Valley company specializing in cloud and AI tech, and Arcimoto, an EV-manufacturer.

Acrimoto x Faction
The Faction D1 is based off this existing Arcimoto model — the FUV (fun utility vehicle).

To be fair driverless isn’t exactly accurate — no one is technically behind the wheel, but there is a remote operator controlling the vehicle using Faction’s DriveLink and TeleAssist technologies.

Where the FUV has two front seats for people, the Faction D1 swaps out seats with cargo space.

Delivery service disruptor

The Faction D1 is supposed to cost less than $2/mile to complete deliveries. Faction expects to begin trial runs later on this year.

Faction x Arcimoto

75 mph

Top speed for the Faction D1

Faction / Arcimoto

Faction x Arcimoto

Here’s a breakdown of the rest of the specs for the Faction D1:

- A battery range of up to 100 miles

- The ability to transport up to 500 lbs of cargo


“The [Faction D1] will be a rightsized, ultra-efficient driverless delivery vehicle that reduces pollution and drives down costs for local and last-mile delivery fleets.”

Ain McKendrick, CEO of Faction


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