Acura's first EV is a curvy SUV concept slated to launch in 2024

The Precision EV was teased at Monterey Car Week and marks the beginning of the automaker's future.


As the U.S. moves steadily towards EV adoption, more and more automakers are announcing their all-electric line-ups, Acura included. Its new EV was unveiled at Monterey Car Week is the Precision EV Concept which is set to arrive in 2024.

The midnight-blue palette is similar to the fluorescent armors of elites from Halo.Acura


The size of the Precision EV's wheels.


The design of the electric-model was inspired by “luxury Italian power boats,” and is described in Acura’s press release as displaying “A wide, athletic stance, expressive silhouette and sharp character lines.”

The Precision EV is all about presentation. The vehicle’s pentagon grille, one of the more pronounced aspects of its design, illuminates in theatrical fashion.Acura

The car’s interior offers two additional driving modes:

- Instinctive Drive: a performance-maximization mode that produces “racing-style digital instrumentation,” to go along with red ambient lighting

- Spiritual Lounge: a calming mode for “autonomous operation,” as the steering wheel is retracted and soothing scents are dispensed along with “under water animated projection.”


There is no exact release date yet, or a price range for the Precision EV. Even the extent of the vehicle’s autonomous capabilities were not expanded on, outside of a brief mention in relation to its spiritual lounge mode. However, we’re still close to two years out from a release so expect to see more information trickle in over the coming months.


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