This golden Cup Noodles model is the only thing I want in this world

I would give all my earthly possessions to own this plastic piece of noodle history.

There are many things in this world I thought I wanted — money, a nice house, the ability to convince my cat to be friends with other cats so I can adopt more cats. All of them, bar none, instantly paled in comparison when my eyes beheld one piece of extremely rare plastic junk...


The golden Cup Noodles model

This gem, the holy grail of model making, was brought to my attention by easily one of the best YouTube channels ever to exist, Interesting Miscellaneous Goods Collector, who chronicles all sorts of rare trinkets, mostly from Japan, including oddities like sushi tongs, giant brain marshmallows, and kitschy plastic pistols that launches ketchup and mustard.

In spite of all the absolute undisputed treasure Interesting Miscellaneous Goods Collector has uncovered, the golden Cup Noodles model hits me hardest, and I can’t even really explain why.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s adorable, I mean look at these tiny, plastic gold shrimp! It’s certainly not because of the monetary value. Despite being rare (this model is 35 years old apparently), it’s actually just a hunk of plastic — not a speck of real gold anywhere in sight.

Maybe I’m a bird brain American who likes shiny things, especially when they’re cutesy and exotic to me in some way? Or maybe, just maybe, this shimmering, golden cup of fake ass noodles is actually just unequivocally the best thing ever to exist.

I’ll likely never know the truth, but what I do know is that there’s no way I’ll ever stop coveting this beautiful, majesti — Oh look! Sushi Boxers!

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