5 wild stats that explain Tesla's Cybertruck hype

Elon Musk wants to make Tesla’s boxy electric super truck unrivaled in aesthetic and specs.

Since being unveiled in 2019, there are few electric vehicles as hyped as Tesla’s beastly-looking Cybertruck. That hype is partially based on the pickup’s boxy, Warthog-like design and Elon Musk’s reliably rabid fan base, but superficialities aside, there’s also lots of eyebrow-raising stuff going on under the hood.

Here’s Cybertruck hype explained in 5 key specs...

500 miles

Tesla says the highest spec Cybertruck will have 500 miles of range or more.

Tesla is promising some impressive range out of its super truck. According to the company’s website, the most expensive, tri-motor variant of the Cybertruck will have 500 miles of range or more on a single charge.

Obviously the EPA will ultimately have to assess whether that’s true, but even the suggestion is enough to turn heads.

2.9 seconds

The fully-loaded Cybertruck will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just under three seconds.

Tesla claims the highest spec Cybertruck will accelerate from 0-60 mph in just under 3 seconds, which for a pickup of that size, let alone an electric one, is pretty incredible. For reference, Tesla’s (much lighter) Model S Plaid can reach the same speed in a comparable 2.1 seconds.

14,000 lbs

The Cybertruck has a pretty monster towing capacity.

The Cybertruck has a formidable 14,000 lbs of towing capacity, which means you can finally haul your school bus when it breaks down, or more practically, a Cyberquad — if, or when, they actually come to fruition.


The lowest spec model will clock in at around $40,000.

The Cybertruck is going to start at a fairly accessible $39,900, which for a pickup truck with this much going on is very reasonable. Of course, if you want the highest variant, that price will escalate to just south of $70,000.


The loneliest number.

This is Tesla’s first ever pickup truck, and by virtue of being number one, it’s got a lot to prove. While there are other competitors incoming, like the new all-electric Hummer, and an electric Ford F-150, arguably none carry a fanbase as fervent as Tesla’s. Also noteworthy: none of the recent entrants have armored glass.

Though, on second thought, the Cybertruck might not either.


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