Watch this bot turn Reddit arguments into dramatic court cases

Finally, frivolous online spats are getting the treatment they deserve.

If you've ever used social media, you've probably gotten sucked into a petty argument or two, some of which may even rise to the level of legitimate drama.

Going toe-to-toe with another person peering viciously at their screen usually provides enough excitement and, many times, shame, but maybe you've been looking for a way to up the ante in your angry internet escapades.

Objection Bot is here for you.

As reported by Mashable, Objection Bot is the viral creation of software engineer Micah Price that borrows visuals from Capcom's game Ace Attorney to automatically dramatize real-life arguments on Reddit.

Ace Attorney is a text-based adventure game that casts players in a high stakes court case.

Tagging Objection Bot in a thread by posting "!objectionbot" will summon Price's creation to scrape the thread and input comments into the Ace Attorney framework for a bit of courtroom drama.

The bot assigns commenters star roles of Ace Attorney's "Phoenix Wright" and "Miles Edgeworth" to commenters and then creates a scene using upvotes to insert "objection" graphics where comedically appropriate. The bot then generates a YouTube link and spits it back out into the thread.

Objection Bot doesn't work on every single subreddit, but the list is still pretty extensive. It also currently only works on Reddit, which means your Twitter arguments will sadly remain undramatized for now.

Price tells Mashable that he'll likely only keep the bot going for a couple of months if people continue to use it, but the creation is opensource if any when others want to take up the mantle.

For a bot that was reportedly made in just three days, Objection Bot is still pretty amazing, if a little buggy. And with the internet as snippy as ever, things might get pretty litigious on Reddit.

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