Some genius recreated your favorite retro TV intros with stock footage

You'll never look at Friends the same way again.

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Lock, stock, and too much time

Comedian Matthew Highton is using some savvy editing to recreate some of the best retro montages using only stock footage.

A cut above

Highton says he spent hours matching up footage with the original intros, sometimes looking at dozens of stock video clips for one second of synchronized recreation bliss.


24 hrs

Highton says he's watched about a day's worth of stock footage.

“You realize you spent an hour looking at footage of 'man looks at camera' and you’ve gone through 100 videos for what’s essentially a second on-screen.”

Matthew Highton

5-8 hours

Each video takes between five to eight hours to sync up according to Highton.


A stock “connoisseur“

Highton tells Input that he's encountered some truly bizarre stock footage during the lengthy editing process.


“There's some 'sexy' stuff which isn't sexy, it's just weird. One I bookmarked because it made me laugh so much, it's 'man in bed with girlfriend while other woman is in bed... also man with disembodied legs.'”

Matthew Highton


He even found a way to recreate the animated series, Duck Tales.

Duck Tales theme song.

Next episode...

While the project is just a pastime for Highton, who is a stand-up comedian by trade, he says that there will likely be more videos to come in the future.

“I think this has become my hobby now. I think when people are bored of it I'll just still end up compulsively doing it. It's a nice distraction.”

Matthew Highton


To see more...

Visit Highton's YouTube page or follow him on Twitter @MattHighton.

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