TikTok is bringing back the Adult Swim bump and we can't get enough

The latest Tik Tok trend involves free promotion for Warner Media and a BADBADNOTGOOD sample.

VANO 3000, a New York-based producer with an affinity for sample flipping has created the soundtrack for the latest Tik Tok trend, which involves fan-generated Adult Swim ad bumps.

If you’re not familiar, the Adult Swim ad bumps (or bumpers) are those catchy little snippets that air right before and after commercial breaks. They follow a simple format: a sneaky Adult Swim logo set to music. See this chameleon here for reference.

Adult Swim

If anything the trend demonstrates that content will go viral if it can elicit a vibe. The song features a looped, pitched-up sample of Time Moves Slow, a song by BADBADNOTGOOD with vocal work from Sam Herring.

The only lyrics we hear — “Running away is easy / It’s the leaving that’s hard” — are readymade for an Adult Swim bumper.

The staging on this rendition of the Adult Swim challenge looks like the actual set of Dream Corp LLC.

Jay Fitzman

This song will soundtrack a lot of drives taken between 12 a.m. and 4 a.m. throughout the next few months.

Nick Taylor

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