An ode to Melania Trump's Christmas hellscapes

Say farewell to some of the most meme-able Christmas decorations the White House has ever known.

As the executive branch changes guards, the Trump family will be experiencing a lot of lasts over the next few months...

Samuel Corum/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The last pardoning of the turkey


The last presser


The last... whatever this is.

Oh also, the last White House Christmas. This year's theme is “America the Beautiful.”

In the spirit of Melania Trump's final Christmas in the White House, we'd like to take a minute and reminisce about some of the more meme-able moments of Christmases past, such as...

These horrifying blood-soaked trees...

...and the gloves to match

An unforgettable slogan in ornament form...

And the wandering, so much wandering.

If you don't support Trump politically, you may find little sentimental value in FLOTUS' last Christmas. But if you're a fan of the internet, you'll know that her efforts gave us an important gift... Memes. Lots of memes.

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