iOS 14.5's three new smileys: Shoutout to the cloud kings

iOS 14.5 is bringing some new emojis to town, and not a single one is about vaping (we promise).

The Heart on Fire emoji from iOS 14.5.

iOS 14.5 is coming this month, and even if you're not interested in some of the new features it'll bring to the table, like being able to set Spotify as your default music player, you might enjoy a few new emojis that can pick up the slack when words fall short.

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Exhaling face

This emoji will come in handy in a number of situations. For instance, when you're exhausted; when you're vaping very legal substances; when you're exhausted from vaping very legal substances. Vape bros will be pleased but mothers will be very disappointed. This might be the perfect emoji for both situations.

Face With Spiral Eyes

OK, this one is totally not about having just taken a huge rip from your vape. Seriously, there is no relation to the other emoji. This emoji is just a little tired, or hungry... yeah, this emoji is super hungry. Actually, this emoji has the munchies and desperately needs a glass of water. Can you call this emoji's phone? It's not sure where it went.

Face in Clouds emoji

Alright, we know you're probably thinking, "Damn, this emoji looks like it just took a huge pull from its vape pen." No matter what this looks like, we assure you that's not the case. The titular clouds are clearly just swamp gas, and any connection all three of these smileys might seem to have with vaping is purely coincidental. That being said, if you wanted to use these when you're messaging about taking huge vape rips, they're seriously spot on.

Heart on Fire

For anyone not interested in vape emojis, iOS 14.5 also has a few more additions to the catalog, including this flaming heart. Tempting as it might be to try and connect this one in any way to vaping, we're going to take a stab and say this is actually a clever attempt at making an emoji for telling others you have heartburn.

Mending heart

Don't let that heart burn for too long, because we've seen what happens. Below is another new emoji showing you the ill-effects of a heart that burned too bright.

Gender inclusivity

Apple also updated its people emojis to be more gender-inclusive. That means adding both beards across the genders.

iOS 14.5 will also bring more skin tone choices for the couples emojis.Emojipedia


As reported by Emojipedia, Apple also made minor changes to its syringe emoji as well as its headphones emoji. In the latter update, the changes appear to be a subtle attempt at product placement, seeing as how the "headphone" emoji has been renamed "AirPods Max" with a re-design that reflects that name change.

iOS 14.5 (which is currently in public beta) will most likely be released this month, so Face in Clouds emoji will soon emerge from his vaporized haze to grace text messages and social media posts across the world.


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