GTA's 'Lamar Roasts Franklin' meme is unstoppable

We don't know why this meme is happening so hard, but somehow we want more.

It's been seven years since Grand Theft Auto V was released, but here we are, practically avalanched by memes of "Lamar roasts Franklin," a format that borrows a small clip from the game's story mode for some pretty extreme spoofing.

For context, here's the original clip.

Now, watch an early trendsetter in the most current wave of "Lamar roasts Franklin" memes that replaces Grand Theft Auto's Lamar with "Cell" from the anime, Dragon Ball Z...

Or maybe you needed the same thing, but more.

From: Merfish on YouTube.

Heck, maybe you need to get really, really meta with it.

""Lamar Roasts Franklin" Roasts Franklin" Roasts Franklin from Merfish on YouTube.

This short scene has been beloved by GTA V fans since 2013, and spurred initial memes after the game was released, but "Lamar roasts Franklin" regained traction this May when this clip of Lamar speaking in the voice of SpongeBob was posted on Twitter.

From leosleepy on Twitter.

As noted by Polygon, the GTA V modding community has always been particularly robust on PC which is probably why these memes are so sophisticated. GTA Modders were already most of the way to making these memes given all of the custom skins developed for the game throughout the past seven years.

I mean, even Mario got in on the fun.

Hit Content Productions on YouTube.

... And Darth Vader.

WackyW3irdo on YouTube.

And a motorcycle?!

Merfish on YouTube.

In our opinion, there's really no way these memes could go too far –

You win again, internet...

Merfish on YouTube.

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