This exhibit is turning face masks into fine art

Is there anything more 2020 than turning your face mask into a piece of art?

With COVID-19 continuing to spread and re-emerge across the world, face masks have become a pretty concrete fact of life, not only in the present moment, but in the foreseeable future.


That fact has lead to some pretty interesting evolutions in the type of masks being created. While some are going for high tech, cramming in air purifiers and respirators, others are aspiring for something even more...

In an ongoing exhibition aptly named MASK put on by the Vicki Myhren Gallery in Colorado, artists were tasked with elevating face masks into something more profound. The results are pretty wild...

According to the gallery, the exhibition is designed to serve up more than just eye candy, it's also a celebration of how masks have become a form of fashion and self-expression in addition to common-sense safety.

"Through this project, we hope to call attention to the significance and signification of masking as an issue of public health and a demonstration of civic responsibility. Equally, MASK calls attention to this newly important medium’s function as an outward mode of self-expression and opportunity for creativity.


We can't in good faith recommend wearing anything like this for actual safety purposes, but as far as making a statement goes, these masks do the trick.

Even if that statement is "I'm actually out of my mind."

The gallery is still ongoing in Denver, Colorado, though relatedly, it's capacity has been decreased due to an influx of cases in the Denver area. To schedule a viewing, you can visit this web page.

If you're not in the Denver area, you could always check out the creations online or, if you're feeling especially creative, you can join the droves of DIY-minded folks and brands in making your own.

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