Escape the horrors of 2020 by time traveling into a '90s backpack

Neither the president nor the coronavirus can find you here.

Trapper Keeper

Gotta keep all my dittos hella organized or else I won't be prepared for the big test on Egypt.

Pencil sharpener

Dude can I borrow your pencil sharpener? The teacher's makes mine look all gnarly.

TI-83 Plus

I figured out how to put DOOM on this thing but don't tell my brother or our mom will make me wipe it.

Yikes! Screwballs

These are straight outta Saved By the Bell! They're all that and a bag of chips.


Check out my new Discman, home skillet. My cousin burned me a copy of Spice World.

Gel pens

Can you write "talk to the hand" on my palm for me?

Lunch box

Guess who has Lunchables today! Booyah!

Pencil case

That weird girl from our class asked to use my clicky pen that changes color. As if!

Floppy disc

Ugh I don't know where I saved my essay on Emily

Dickinson! Mr. Jackson is totally gonna bug out.


Do you think the principal's secretary will let me make a few more transparencies? These typos are wack!


How does your's like never die? Mine's totally dead.

Encarta '95

If I don't do some research for our group project, Kimberly is gonna go postal.

White out

You ever paint your nails with this stuff? It looks phat but peels so fast.

Book socks

You can put these on your Harry Potter book and read it in class and the teacher will be like "Wow look how hard you're studying!" Not!

The 90s were truly fly and we've had so much fun getting jiggy with you. But we must return to the present or we will start to look like these teachers doing the Macarena.

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