We can't stop ogling these retro game dioramas

These miniatures give us big feels.

Ever play a game so good you wish you could take a slice with you to the real world? If the is answer is yes, then we have good news — with a ruler, a box cutter, some cardboard, and a little imagination, you can actually make that happen.

Don’t believe us? Check these dioramas out.

📷: u/Mr0range_crafts on Reddit

Painstakingly building dioramas might not be on the short list of hobbies you thought you’d pick up in your downtime, but one scroll through Reddit might change your mind.

u/Antogzlz on Reddit

Reddit and Etsy are rife with these little nostalgia snacks, made by users like u/Mr0range, who crafts dioramas in a somewhat professional capacity.

📷: u/Mr0range_crafts on Reddit

Here’s u/Mr0range’s FFVII tribute

If you’re less into the idea of building a diorama yourself, you can also leave it up to the experts. Etsy is expectedly the place to go for all your retro game diorama needs. It’ll cost you though.

u/Antogzlz on Reddit


This diroama of 'Metal Gear Solid' for example costs nearly $100.

Even if you don’t intend on making or buying any of these, it’s hard not to admire the amount of work and detail that goes into making something so nostalgic, so simple, so....

u/kohlneighm on Reddit


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