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Where to find all 7 Caldera bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2

Morse code secrets are hidden within.


Bunkers have finally made their long-awaited return to Call of Duty: Warzone alongside Season 2. These secret spots function similarly to how they have in the past, meaning that these secret locations located around the map offer some compelling reasons for visiting them. As of the start of Season 2, there’s still a lot to uncover with the new bunkers, but there are currently seven of them you can access. Here’s where to find all seven, along with details on what’s inside, and what’s to come later down the line.

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 bunker locations

As it stands, only seven of the 14 hatches are open across Caldera. Those locations are listed on the map below. The other thing to take into consideration is that each bunker (at least, the ones that are accessible so far) has a machine that spits out morse code, delivering a secret message. These messages point to certain features that have been added to Warzone Season 2 and allude to upcoming events. Each morse code translation is added to the bunker descriptions below.

The full map of bunker locations at the start of Warzone Season 2. Keep in mind, more will open up in the future.Activision
  • Bunker 02 — Docks: This bunker can be accessed via the hatch at Industrial Docks, close to some green huts, a fence, and a truck. Morse code: FACILITY IS ABLE DELIVER 5000 GALLONS OF N5 GAS DAILY
  • Bunker 03 — Runway: You can find this bunker inside the large building with the antennae on top. Enter the building, head to the northeast corner and you’ll find a green door with the hatch that leads to the bunker. Morse code: RECON STATION SPOTTED BATTLESHIP 22 MILES OFF THE NORTH COAST
  • Bunker 05 — Mines: To locate this bunker, head west of Mines to the Phosphate Mines area, where you’ll find the next hatch. Morse code: REQUESTING REPAIRS AT PHOSPHATE MINES CONVEYOR TRACK
  • Bunker 08 — Lagoon: This bunker is found at Clear Water Lagoon, close to a crashed plane and a set of huts. Look for the hatch right next to the shore, right next to a small hut with a straw roof. Morse code: ALERT ALL PLANES ON LOOKOUT FOR BARRAGE BALLOONS FIRE ON SIGHT
  • Bunker 10 — Fields: You can find this bunker at Plentiful Fields, just behind the large blue building and silos. The hatch is in between patches of grass. Morse code: COMPOUND N5 STABLE IN CHEM BOMB TESTS BEGINNING DISTRIBUTION
  • Bunker 12 — Power Plant: To reach this bunker, head through the waterfall to the southeast of the main Power Plant building. Make your way inside and it’ll lead to the hatch. Morse code: PROTOTYPE BOMBS ARE IN TRANSIT CONFIRM DELIVERY
  • Bunker 14 — Resort: This bunker is located at the Royal Cabana Resort, to the southwest of the large yellow sniper tower, close to some trees and bushes. Morse code: CHEMICAL LEAK DETECTED IN HATCH 4 SEND TEAM TO DEPLOY DECON STATIONS

What’s inside the Caldera bunkers?

Bunkers contain goodies for you to collect, along with enemy AI to defeat.Activision

Inside each bunker is a set of AI enemies who are relatively easy to take out, along with the aforementioned morse code machines, and loot. The loot varies from bunker to bunker, but from what we’ve seen, it’s not the greatest. We did find the new P.D.S. Field Upgrades inside the bunkers, which is a nice touch. It’s possible the loot will change over the course of the season.

What about the rest of the Caldera bunkers and hatches?

Many bunker hatches are closed at this time.Activision

There are still seven more hatches that are closed, along with four additional inaccessible bunkers on the map. Presumably, these will open up over the course of the season, possibly leading to special loot, blueprints, and maybe even an Easter Egg. At this point, you can’t reach all the bunkers, but we imagine you’ll get something special for visiting all of them once they open up.

Some of the morse code listed above alludes to special features that could come later on, such as the battleship. If you recall, the same thing occurred on Verdansk during 2021’s Season 3 of Warzone. In addition, the morse code mentions “chem bomb tests” and “prototype bombs” being in transit, so there’s much more to look forward to.

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