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The French father of Hollywood sci-fi is still planning his masterpiece (Exclusive)

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'Dune' (2021) writer confirms a concerning rumor about the movie

Fear Is the Mind Killer

How the Snyder Cut and HBO Max fix Dune’s biggest problem

Challenging. Long. Possibly setting up a sequel we'll never see? This is the new normal for big sci-fi movies on HBO Max.

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Dune (2021) release date, trailer, cast, photos for the HBO Max movie

Denis Villeneuve will make the spice flow. Finally.

The spice

Dune (2021): Release date, theories, photos, interviews for two-movie project

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Dune 2021 theory: Zendaya is playing a shocking surprise second role

Let's talk about Chani's daughter.

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'Dune' 2021 needs to avoid this 1 super-tempting Star Wars sci-fi trope

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This secret Dune 2021 character could be the Baby Yoda of Arrakis

Everyone is focused on Paul and Chani, but what about Paul's sister Alia Atreides?

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Dune 2021 could change Paul's story from the books in 3 wild ways

The journey of Dune's biggest hero isn't what you think.

Dune is America

Dune can replace Star Wars as the biggest sci-fi movie of 2021

This era was made for Dune.

Fear Is the Mind Killer

Dune 2021 could save HBO Max by copying The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones

Denis Villeneuve says Warner Bros has "might just have killed the Dune franchise." But is there another way?

Fear Is the Mind Killer

Why Dune, not Star Wars, is the perfect sci-fi parable for the 2020 election

We don't have spice IRL, but we're all living on Arrakis.