Cheese Science

A stack of blue cheese on a market stall.

Grab a cracker: Meet the microbes that make your holiday cheese plate

Cheese is so much more than milk.

Check, please!

What makes mold edible? A food safety expert breaks it down

Sometimes mold is tasty, except when it’s not.

Cheese please

Scientists tackle a curious food mystery — why so many people hate cheese

Cheese is a staple in Western cultures, but for some people it sparks disgust. The science of cheese haters suggests this isn't a weird reaction, it's common.

Cheese Science

6 microbes that make cheese possible


Say cheese: Inverse reports on one of the world's most beloved foods

Say cheese: Inverse reports on one of the world's most beloved foods with news of the latest cheese science and innovation, how it shapes our cultures, and even how it's portrayed in entertainment.

Mind and Body

Study Reveals a Healthy Reason to Eat Cheese

Bring on the cheddar.

Mind and Body

Is Cheese Healthy? What 5 Experts Say About Its Effect on Your Diet

 Sometimes you gotta take the gouda with the bad.


Tesla Batteries Power This 500-Year-Old Cheese Farm in the UK

Night or day, a farm in the UK is making carbon-neutral cheddar.


Ancient White Stuff in Egyptian Tomb Turned Out to Be World's Oldest Cheese

Bust out the crackers!


Bits of 7,200-Year-Old Croatian Cheese Resemble a Modern Favorite

It's some of the oldest evidence of cheese ever found in Europe.


Jar of Ancient White Stuff Found in Egyptian Tomb Finally Identified

It's the oldest solid cheese ever discovered.


How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese, According to Science

It's all in the pH.


Panera Bread Recalls Cream Cheese After Growing Listeria Concerns

Food poisoning from Listeria is especially shitty.


New Tool Is Designed To Make The Perfect Cheese Every Time, Scientists Say

That's some (e)dam goud(a) cheese.


That New Popular Pro-Cheese Study Stinks for This Reason


The Only Thing the Internet Loves More Than Cheese or Beyoncé Is Both

Anyone for a little cheese with 'Lemonade?'