Boston Dynamics

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bust a move

Are the Boston Dynamics robots really dancing? The creepy video, explained

No, dancing robots aren’t the next TikTok dance stars.


Boston Dynamics engineer reveals the 1 job that's perfect for aspiring roboticists

"Don’t let a lack of prior experience deter you."


Watch Boston Dynamics’ robodogs invade this Ford production plant

These robots act like the best-behaved dogs you've ever seen. Plus they have five cameras.

good boy

Video: This new robotic dog promises to be the robot of the people

Finally, a robot dog for the everyman


Boston Dynamics' robotic dog could be yours for a very, very high price

These viral robots have ranked up big YouTube numbers for years. Now, they're about to start their day jobs.

Going corporate

Video shows 'nightmare' Boston Dynamics robot has a boring job like everybody else

It appears a robot built by Boston Dynamics that was once feared by many now has a day job.


2020s predictions: Killer robots may roam the Earth

Autonomous weapons are edging closer to reality.


In the 2020s, we will have a real Robot Olympics

And it'll be a lot cooler than the regular Olympics.


Inverse Daily: Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog, Spot hits the streets

Boston Dynamics’ unnerving robotic dog, Spot, is finally out of the lab and into the hands of the police.


Exclusive: Boston Dynamics says robot dogs aren't meant to harm, in wake of police lease

A three-month trial with the state bomb squad had raised concern.


Soft, flesh-like robot actuators will make bots more lifelike than ever

Tastily, the researchers also describe these actuators as "sandwich-like"


This parkour robot by Boston Dynamics is definitely more athletic than you

The machines are winning.


SpotMini: Boston Dynamics Finally Reveals Production Details for Robot Dog

It's about to start making office pets very soon.


Watch 10 of Boston Dynamics' Pup-Like Spot Robots Pull a Dang Truck


Video: Boston Dynamics "Handle" Robot Shows Off Improved Warehouse Skills


Video of a Backflipping Cheetah Robot Belies a Far Loftier Goal for MIT

Meet the cute lil' 21st century version of a lab rat.