Hammerhead Shark Headset Gives You Super Peripheral Vision

This is probably not a thing you want to wear in public. Architecture Lab

Virtual and augmented reality headsets are ridiculous, a concept that the University College London’s Interactive Architecture Lab not only embraces but takes to the wonderfully illogical conclusion. Meet the PolyEyes — a headset containing two Raspberry Pi camera modules that waver over the environment, letting you look at a wide field of the world without having to go to the trouble of turning your head or moving your eyes.

Is there a practical use for this tech? If you ask the Interactive Architecture Lab, it lets you do this, per the Vimeo description:

“You are alone in the room, except for two Raspberry Pi Camera Module spinning in the dim light. You use PolyEyes (aka Hammerhead Vision System) and through the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, you communicate with some other entities in another room, whom you cannot see. Relying solely on the Exo-skeletical Suit Controller, you must decide whether to share or receive stimuli. One of the entities wants to share its own visual field. The other entity wants to send you signals from its sensing body. He/she/it will reproduce through the PolyLimbs the body movement of the other entity.”

That makes a certain kind of sense, but your brain wasn’t necessarily built for this field of view. You can rebuild it. You can make it stronger.

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