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Finally Get the Sleep You Deserve With the Best Mattress Online

If you don't get at least seven hours of sleep, you are probably damaging your health. Here's how to fix it.

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How did you sleep?

If your answer to that question is a long story involving midnight snacks and bad dreams — not a quick “Great!” as you move productively through your day — you might be among the one in three people, according to the American Sleep Association, with a sleep disorder.

Sleep is essential. And operating without the seven (or more) hours of uninterrupted sleep your brain requires is bad for your health.

Your insomnia isn’t just making you grumpy, it’s shortening your life, making you fat, killing your sex drive, making you look old, and affecting everything from your driving to your decisions.

There are lots of reasons for insomnia. But if you aren’t on medications, aren’t elderly, and don’t suffer from a medical condition that could cause it, the most likely reason is your bedroom and bedtime habits. (Often called sleep hygiene.)

Fortunately, sleep hygiene disorders have an easy cure: Create a restful bedtime routine, limit screen time and exercise before bed, and make sure your bed and bedroom are comfortable.

If you frequently wake up in the night, your insomnia might be caused by an uncomfortable mattress. After a few hours of sleep on a mattress that isn’t up to the task, your hips or shoulders hurt. The pain gets to your brain and wakes you. You move, get comfortable again, and get back to sleep. But it all starts again in a couple of hours.

Another common reason for sleeplessness is motion transfer. When your bed partner moves, the bed movement wakes you up. Then you toss and turn for a while before you manage to drop off again.

Interrupted sleep is affecting your health, even if you stay in bed all night and eventually get back to sleep, because REM sleep happens in cycles of 90 minutes. Each cycle is deeper than the last. When you wake, you start the process over and you might never get to the last cycle. It is in that last cycle where the deepest sleep happens. That deep sleep repairs your body and strengthens your immune system. When you get to that place often, your body regrows tissue and bone and your memory, blood pressure, and mood improve.

There is a risk-free way to run a test to diagnose if your sleep disorder is caused by your mattress: Order a Leesa mattress.

Here’s why.

You can sleep on the Leesa for 100 nights. That’s plenty of time to determine if it’s the cure for your insomnia. If it isn’t, return it. It’s that simple.

You order a Leesa mattress online so you don’t have to find a free afternoon to go mattress shopping. You don’t have to leave the house. And you don’t have to arrange or pay for delivery. The mattress shows up at your door, in a box you can easily carry. Open the box, set the compressed mattress on your frame, wait for it to inflate, and sleep.

This is both a scientific experiment to discover if your sleeplessness is mattress induced and a cure. If your sleep is improved, keep the mattress.

There is a very good chance your new Leesa mattress will cure your sleeplessness.

According to Wirecutter, the Leesa Hybrid is the one of the best mattress on the market. Wirecutter recommends it for people who sleep on their side, back, or stomach and for anyone who weighs over 200 pounds. They slept on many mattresses and did an enormous amount of research to determine this, so you don’t have to.

It’s a great bargain, too. Not only because the cost of a Leesa is a fraction of what it would cost you to buy for a memory foam mattress. But also because there is a huge sale on them, right now, for Labor Day. You get $250 dollars off a new mattress and two free pillows.

Considering what your insomnia is costing you in productivity, smart decisions, and health, this low-risk experiment seems well worth the price.

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