This Best-in-Class iPhone Screen Protector Is Also on Sale

A smudge-free and scratch-free phone experience

Airo Glass

Airo Collective has just designed a screen protector that rivals the very best in the business. In the experience of using this they not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. We will be honest that the price is a little steep for us but you won’t find fault with the results.

Airo Glass claims to be the best screen protector ever made, but why? There’s a few reasons. First, it’s fingerprint resistant. The worst part about most phone screens is the endless smudges you rack up through normal use. The Airo Glass allowed a smudge-free experience. We found it to be surprising and pleasant. We’re all so conditioned to live with the fingerprints that we forget how nice it is not to have them on your screen.

Second, the screen protector has made claims to be scratch-proof. This is another area that’s a big upgrade over some of the competitors. The screen is protected but that doesn’t mean the protector itself can’t be damaged by wear and tear. For us seeing a screen that doesn’t have smudges or scratches was more impressive than we had originally thought.

Applying the screen protector itself was also pretty easy. They aren’t the first company to have a do-it-yourself kit but this one was as easy as we’ve tried. All in all it took just a few minutes to get it right.

Lastly we loved the touch sensitivity. Many who choose to protect their screen can attest that the phone loses a little bit of it’s response with the protector in a lot of cases. This wasn’t the case with Airo Glass. The truth is it felt like nothing was on the screen and our experience with the phone felt unencumbered by the Airo Glass.

We’ll admit that the price for the screen protector is higher than most of the competition. The regular retail price is $60. But, but, but right now they are running a sale for this item at just $36. Also with INVERSE15OFF you can get another 15% off that price. So a $60 item can be yours for about $30. At that price we think it’s a bit of a steal.

We understand cost is subjective. Our feeling is that if you’re going to keep your phone for a while and want the best experience you can from a screen protector then this is a potentially great pickup for you.